Athlete Program


RAM Advantage Athlete Program = 15% Cash Commission!


According to Forbes over 80% of satisfied customers are willing to refer a friend, family member or colleague to a product or service they enjoy. However, most people don’t get paid for referring people to products they love...until now. With the RAM Advantage Athlete program you get paid simply for sharing products you already enjoy.

What is a RAM Advantage Athlete?

When you sign up to become a RAM Advantage Athlete you will receive a unique link specifically created for you. All sales at which come from this unique link will be attributed to you and you will receive 15% commission of the total sale.

How does it work?

Sign-up to be a RAM Athlete and you will receive the following:

1. A unique referral link.

  • A referral link specifically created for you. Use this this link to earn commissions by sharing it through email, text, social media and more.

2. Watch your link at work in real time!

  • Your RAM Athlete Back-Office HQ gives you the ability to track your traffic, sales, and commissions in real time.

3. Get PAID!

  • New athletes start at 15% cash commission rate.

4. We Reward Top Performers! 

  • If you are absolutely crushing it, we will reach out to you directly to discuss increasing your commission rate, free products, invites to paid promotional events, and more. 

5. Get Social

  • Connect and promote with us through social media. Use hashtags like #RAMadvantage, #NEUROZ3, #RAMapparel and #RAMathlete.   

RAM Advantage Athlete Rules


1. Practices:

  • We reserve the right to ban, suspend, or terminate an athlete without warning, if at any time we feel an athlete is engaging in unethical or illegal practices.

    2. Using your athlete link for personal purchases:

    • Your athlete link can be used to purchase products for yourself. The commission gained will be applied to your account as normal.  

    3. Commission Rate:

    • Your commission rate is subject to change at any time. Currently, the starting rate is 15% of total sales.

      4. Payouts:

      • Payouts are made via Venmo. You will need to sign-up for our athlete program using the same email account used for your Venmo account. Please note, we will never ask for your password.
      • Payouts become eligible 30 days after the sale of a product. This is to account for our return policy. You can track the entire process from purchase to payout directly from your athlete dashboard.
      • RAM Advantage will distribute eligible payouts within 5 days after the end of each month. Commissions must be a minimum of $10 for payout to occur. Commissions under $10 will roll over next pay period.

      5. Trademark Infringement:

      • Please note: Athletes are not an employee of RAM Advantage or Research Advancing Mankind, LLC. Also athletes do not have the right to infringe on our trademark including our logo, product names or business name in any form. If an athlete is found to be infringing upon our trademark or intellectual property we will take necessary action to protect our brand. 

      6. Terms and Conditions:

      • Please click here for our full Terms and Conditions. You will be asked to verify you have read these conditions before joining our program.