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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Take one serving of NEURO Z3 about an hour before you desire to see a boost in your performance whether that is in the boardroom, classroom or weight room.

Keep in mind that NEURO Z3 doesn’t give an energy drink “buzz”. When you feel in "the zone" is when you know Z3 is working. Some people have mentioned they feel that they are “on point” and more laser focused and motivated than usual.* 

A: At this time we do not recommend NEURO Z3 for people who are using prescription antidepressants or blood pressure medication, nor do we suggest anyone who suspects or has a medical condition use NEURO Z3. It should also not be used during pregnancy or lactation.* 

A: We have found that individuals get a better absorption with NEURO Z3 when taken on an empty stomach.​NEURO Z3 will still be absorbed if taken with a meal, however the effects might be “blunted” or take longer to “kick in."*   

A: From everyone we have talked with, the consensus is that NEURO Z3 takes about 30-45 minutes to “kick in” if it is taken on an empty stomach, longer if it is taken with food.​

NEURO Z3 doesn’t cause a “cracked-out” or “wired” feeling but more of a clean, easy elevation where people may feel increased focus and determination.*  

A: We recommend using NEURO Z3 when times of enhanced focus, drive or cognition skills are necessary.

Some individuals use NEURO Z3 as a “pick me up” on days when they didn’t get enough sleep or when they want to kick themselves into “high gear.”

We have many professionals, as well as, parents who take NEURO Z3 on a daily basis because they can't afford to be “groggy” throughout the day.

Others use NEURO Z3 as a caffeine free alternative to coffee, energy drinks or diet soda in the morning.*

A: Individuals often notice a positive effect the first time they take NEURO Z3.​ Unlike stimulants, such as caffeine and ephedrine, which attenuate (become less effective over time) the ingredients in NEURO Z3 are thought to increase in effectiveness over time.*  

A: We recommend starting with a single dose per day for a week. Some people choose to use NEURO Z3 frequently, others use it only for a specific project or time frame.  ​We do not recommend consuming more than 2 doses of NEURO Z3 per day.* 

A: First responders, gamers, business professionals, parents and athletes are examples of individuals who use our product. NEURO Z3 is for anyone looking for a potent, caffeine free, cognitive enhancer. ​

People enjoy NEURO Z3 as it can produce positive results without the unwanted side effects that are common with many other nervous system stimulating products.* 

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