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Press Kit

Thank you for your interest in RAM Advantage®! Here you can find our story, company mission statement, our method for creating a culture of strength, information about our executive team and other resources to help share our company with others.

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Our Story

In 2017, sitting atop the 60th floor of Wynn Las Vegas, overlooking the bright lights, Brandon DiNovi and Jeremy Sage contemplated the idea of sustained peak performance, not just for athletes but as a lifestyle.

The notion that someone could live each day at the peak of their human potential intrigued them. This led to a discussion about products, services and a website, which Brandon and Jeremy believed could provide an avenue for people who desire to live each day at the top of their game.

Forged from that late night conversation was RAM Advantage®. A company with one goal in mind, create a culture of strength, which supports its customers in their pursuit to become stronger mentally, emotionally and physically.

This is accomplished with products, videos, articles and clothing which support individuals who seek to maximize their potential.

Since that late night in Vegas, Brandon and Jeremys vision never wavered. They continue to pour profits from every sale back into the company. This has allowed for further research, innovation and ultimately more cutting edge products designed to support the drive and motivation of their customers.

Mission Statement

RAM Advantage® is dedicated to harnessing individual strength through products and information. We support those who thirst to improve themselves and take their lives to the next level. We call this Fueling the ALPHA Lifestyle.

Creating a Culture of Strength

Other companies work to help its customers shore up their weaknesses by spending large amounts of time searching and working on areas they are lacking in.

Not us!

We want our customers to focus on their strengths. We believe everyone has unique gifts, talents and abilities only they can express to the world. This area, strengths, is what we want to help our customers enhance, even maximize if you will. We believe strength can save a life physically, protect one emotionally and empower another spiritually. In essence, strength is the key to sustainable inner peace. 

At RAM Advantage® we want our customers to work on making their areas of strength, stronger. We want to fuel their drive to harness these gifts by strategically working to make them into superior talents. This is what we call Maximizing Individual Potential.

This starts by working on areas our customers are already good at and then focusing on taking talents from good to great and then eventually to superior. Developing talents to their fullest can only be accomplished by maximizing thier potential.

It’s a driving philosophy at RAM Advantage® that an individual performs at their best when they are working on their strengths. When they are working within their talents. We believe this is where people thrive and with the correct tools, true greatness can breakthrough and shine for the world to see as well as benefit from.

We want to fuel what makes someone unique. Maybe it's a 95 MPH fastball with movement, a pinpoint jump shot, a way with words that inspires a crowd, a healing touch which brings relief or the ability to put fear on the back burner and run toward danger when everyone else is fleeing. RAM Advantage® is here to provide people with products, information and guidance to take their strengths to the next level. We are here to provide people with an advantage in life.


Brandon DiNovi
Co-Founder and CEO

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Brandon DiNovi holds a doctorate degree and two bachelors in the field of human performance. During his collegiate years, Brandon was a regular on the Dean's List.  He is known as a performance consultant, educator and author of American Strength: The Ultimate Guide To Health, Happiness and Success. 

​Brandon has been consulting individuals in the field of human performance for over two decades. His clients come from all walks of life including professional athletes, business executives and young professionals. 

​In addition to Brandon's professional pedigree, he is a former competitive bodybuilder as well as former team athlete for Met-Rx, Labrada and SportPharma.

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Jeremy Sage
Co-Founder and CFO

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Jeremy Sage holds a Masters of Business Administration as well as a bachelors degree in Economics. He has experience and expertise in the business, tech and securities sector. Jeremy obtained his Series 7 license administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and holds certifications in financial consulting, technology and Microsoft platforms.

​​In addition to Jeremy's professional status, he is also a former NCAA Division 1 athlete. Due to his scholastic ability, combined with his athleticism, Jeremy became a Top Scholar Athlete and was awarded a full ride scholarship from the University of Hawai'i.

While accomplishing his MBA he graduated Summa Cum Laude and became a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society.


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