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Pre-Workout Stack

If you like incredible pumps, strength, endurance, motivation and drive - this stack is for you! 

Included in stack:

  • 1 Bottle C-PRIME 5 (For Pumps & Enhanced Cell Absorption*)
  • 1 Bottle ENDRCOR X4 (For Strength & Endurance*)
  • 1 Bottle NEURO Z3 (Daily Clarity, Motivation & Energy Support*) 

PRE: 60-90 minutes with a light pre-workout meal

  • C-PRIME 5  is known by fitness enthusiast and elite athletes as their "secret weapon." C-PRIME 5 is a next generation nutrient partitioning agent which is engineered to harnesses the anabolic powers of the body. This is achieved by supporting cellular uptake of nutrients. The results are simply undeniable. You know its "kicked in" when you experience the mind blowing pumps! Plus, don't be shocked if you start out lifting your training partner.
  • ENDRCOR X4 is for those who want to take their workouts to the next level. Research has shown athletes using the ingredients found in ENDRCOR X4 improved their strength, endurance and body composition in as little as 60 days. ENDRCOR X4 is designed to support athletic performance. 
  • NEURO Z3 contains a balanced blend of neurotransmitter support. Including, ALCAR, alpha-GPC and Tyrosine which, in addition to supporting drive, motivation and focus have a long and storied history of supporting physical performance. 

Important note: Although it might not feel like it, due to the muscularity, strength and incredible pumps you feel, the Pre-Workout Stack contains hormone free products suitable for drug tested athletes and employees.*

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