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What is an ALPHA?

by Brandon DiNovi

What is an ALPHA?

Dear Fellow ALPHA,

When starting a business it's critical to identify your “target” market. Target markets are the individuals, groups or pocket of the population, which will benefit from taking your product.

While discussing this subject we wanted to build RAM specifically for individuals who are driven, intelligent and have an iron clad work ethic. For people who cringe at the word “settle” or “mediocre.” RAM was made for people that strive for excellence in their jobs, bodies, relationships, and family, people consistently looking to better themselves and those around them.

We were instantly clear on one thing, this new company wasn’t for “regular Joes.”

Our passion was to create a company which produces products, articles and supplements that fuel these “non-regular Joes.” We didn’t want our company to just provide products for these people, we wanted our company to be rocket fuel for their lifestyle.

Ok, so we have a “target” market, right? Well, not really, “non-regular Joes” isn’t clear enough. There is power in clarity and we need to be crystal about who exactly we are targeting with our products.

That’s when I started noticing the word, alpha, popping up everywhere. From gym names, products, t-shirts, memes and Snaps. It was as if alpha was having a renaissance in pop culture. Maybe its one of this generations “catch” phrases.

Most people hear the word alpha and they think of the top, best or winner, which is completely correct. The word originates from the greek alphabet letter “a” which is the first letter in the alphabet. As such, alpha, gained its definition of being the top/best.

I have always liked the word alpha, its meaning and the energy behind it. However, it still doesn't describe clear enough our target market. I mean, think of it this way, if Usain Bolt was the alpha of the 100 meter dash for the past decade does that mean all of the other sprinters were dare I say, non-alpha’s?

C’mon, no way! To me, they are all alphas. If a person could still be an alpha but not be first or at the top then this still leaves us without a clear enough description of who we are targeting. So, we decided to come up with an acronym for alpha, a way to make it clear to our company and the rest of the world what an ALPHA really is.


These are the individuals who have a no-quit attitude. Achievers rarely “tap-out”. When things get tough, Achievers get fired up and work harder. They thrive on the challenge to accomplish an activity that they are passionate about.   

Achievers are the people who are almost always working on a new project, goal or business. When you call to catch up, they list all of the things they have been working on. For many, achievers can be an exhausting group to hang with. However, these people are the builders of our world and frequently these people start to feel restless once they have accomplished their goal!

Once the Achiever finishes their project, it's not long until their mind conjures up a new business to start, class to take or a new mountain to climb! An achievers mind is constantly searching for “what’s next.”


We all know those individuals who aren’t afraid to stand for what’s right, point in the direction of true north and then blaze a trail. Those individuals who seem to almost instantly know what to do in times of trouble and turmoil. Those people who you can count on being rock solid in their ethics, morals and work ethic. Those people go by many names in the “real world” at RAM we call them Leaders. 

If Achievers are the builders of our world, then Leaders are the ones with the blue prints. Leaders are the foundation which we lean upon when we are unsure of what to do next. You can find leaders in corporations, churches, government, gyms, sports teams and in a healthy family structure. 


Without a doubt, Providers are a part of the ALPHA family. Those unsung individuals who work long hours so their families can have a nice place to live, good food to eat or new shoes for the upcoming school year.

Providers are also those of you who are working for a company that provides supportive services for others. Too many times, a providers contributions are overlooked. However, make no mistake, these people are the backbone of many families and businesses.


These are those fearless individuals who put others needs and safety above their own. The Helpers are the police officers, firefighters, military personal and healthcare professionals. At RAM, we have the utmost respect for these brave individuals. We understand that without their tireless contributions the American way of life wouldn’t be possible. To us these individuals are the superhero’s of our culture. 


RAM is for the elite Athlete as well as those working to become better, maybe even elite. However, recently in the gym I overheard a woman say “I am not an athlete.” It caused my head to snap back and look at her and the first thing I noticed was that she was running!

So, lets get it clear right now. If you regularly engage in physical activities like weight training, running, walking, yoga, cycling, etc, you’re an athlete! Don’t think for a moment your exercise routine has to be an organized activity or on TV to count.

If you dedicate a set time, multiple times a week, specifically for physically activity then you are a part of the ALPHA family. You don’t have to be like Jeremy or myself throwing around 700 lbs in the gym with chalk dust falling from your hands to be an ALPHA. Being an athlete is about being dedicated to physical improvement not only the poundage you lift.

In conclusion, as you can see an ALPHA encompasses a wide range of individuals. We are working to support each and every one as they continue to better mankind in their own specific way.

At the RAM company headquarters, we don’t use the term ALPHA loosely. In our organization, it means something specific. ALPHA isn’t a term that we throw around to stroke our egos around the water cooler. We might joke a lot, but we take being an ALPHA seriously.

Whether you are an Achiever, Leader, Provider, Helper or an Athlete, we recognize your drive to excel. Our job is to help support your drive and to fuel your ALPHA lifestyle.

Until next time,

Attack your life with passion!

Brandon DiNovi

Brandon DiNovi

Co-Founder and CEO, RAM

Brandon DiNovi
Brandon DiNovi

Brandon DiNovi is the Co-Founder and CEO of RAM ADVANTAGE. He holds a doctorate degree as well as two bachelors in the field of human performance. He is also the author of American Strength: The Ultimate Guide To Health, Happiness and Success.

Disclaimer: The information, suggestions, and techniques offered in this blog are the result of the author’s experiences and are not intended to be a substitute for professional financial advice, medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Some articles are intended to influence the reader to purchase products or services. Before making a purchase, financial, medical or health decision the reader should contact a qualified professional. If you have questions or concerns, seek the advice of a financial consultant, physician or other qualified professional before practicing the techniques presented here.

In fact, you should always consult a qualified healthcare professional before beginning a new nutritional or exercise program. If you fail to do so, it is the same as self-prescribing, and neither the author nor RAM ADVANTAGE assumes responsibility. *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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