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Nutritional Supplements: More Than Just Hype!

by Brandon DiNovi

Nutritional Supplements: More Than Just Hype!

Dear Fellow ALPHA,

Although we may be different in many ways, we both have one thing in common. We chase our dreams with full force, vigor and clarity. How do I know this? Simple, you wouldn’t be reading this post if you weren’t dedicated to personal and professional improvement. If you weren’t interested in personal achievement then you would be out doing whatever it is regular people do, but instead you’re taking the time to read this blog post.

People like you and I are dedicated to being better than the average human. Heck, we’re dedicated to being better than last years version of ourselves. We have an internal drive and we’re disciplined to reach our full potential or at least get as close as time will allow us.

I don’t have to tell you that it takes hard work and dedication to make personal changes. You already know that. People like us are always on the lookout for ethical ways to get an “edge” or a “leg-up” on the competition. Many times we turn to supplements to enhance our day. We choose protein powders for recovery, vitamins for what our foods are lacking and maybe a pre-workout boost to fuel our training regime.

Like you, I have tried countless supplements and found that they live up to only a quarter of the hype. I have found that some fail due to 1 or 2 reasons.

First, the products fail to meet the hype because the propaganda is literally unattainable for any supplement. Drugs, sure! Anyone can grow 3 t-shirt sizes in a year with a truckload of steroids and can focus like the Hubble telescope with the bump of amphetamines.

There’s no denying the simple fact, drugs work. The issue is that they are not a sustainable option for ALPHAs. Why? Because, sooner or later you will have to cycle off the pharmaceutical and during the down cycle your arms will shrink, your focus will wane and your strength will crash. The result? Drugs give only a small insignificant gain over the long run.

The second reason supplements fail to live up to the hype is because they contain insignificant amounts of the active ingredient. These insignificant amounts may work in a lab with mice, but not in a 210 lb. gorilla trying for a PR! This is a “trick” supplement companies have done since the dawn of the industry. Add a small amount of a popular ingredient in order for their product to receive attention.

So, what’s an ALPHA to do? We want the edge, but we want to do it ethically. We do not want to cause any harm to our body and we want a product that we don’t have to “cycle” so that we can make significant gains over the long run.

The good news is that over the past few years, research has found that over the counter products like herbs, amino acids and metabolites to have a powerful effect if used in specific dosages. However, make no mistake supplements will never compete with the effectiveness of performance enhancing drugs. Still, supplements, if used properly and in the correct dosages have the ability to produce more results in the long run then performance-enhancing drugs and many supplements don’t need to be “cycled.”

How can I say this with such conviction? Simple, I am in my 40’s and I can out lift most men half my age. Oh, and I am 100% drug free! I don’t say this to brag, but I use this as proof that using specific supplements over time can produce intense results.

It’s important that we keep our expectations about supplements realistic. Realistic expectations will keep us from falling for the industry “tricks.” A basic rule of thumb is if you see claims that seem outrageous, you can pretty much guarantee that they are. Remember supplements aren’t drugs, you gotta do the work!

However, supplements that contain high quality, potent levels of ingredients have the ability to give us an edge. As ALPHAs, an edge is all we’re looking for! Our drive and work ethic is already a unique trait. ALPHAs, with an edge, go from good to great - from excellent to exceptional!

Until next time,

Attack your life with passion!

Brandon DiNovi

Brandon DiNovi
Co-Founder and CEO, RAM
Brandon DiNovi
Brandon DiNovi

Brandon DiNovi is the Co-Founder and CEO of RAM ADVANTAGE. He holds a doctorate degree as well as two bachelors in the field of human performance. He is also the author of American Strength: The Ultimate Guide To Health, Happiness and Success.

Disclaimer: The information, suggestions, and techniques offered in this blog are the result of the author’s experiences and are not intended to be a substitute for professional financial advice, medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Some articles are intended to influence the reader to purchase products or services. Before making a purchase, financial, medical or health decision the reader should contact a qualified professional. If you have questions or concerns, seek the advice of a financial consultant, physician or other qualified professional before practicing the techniques presented here.

In fact, you should always consult a qualified healthcare professional before beginning a new nutritional or exercise program. If you fail to do so, it is the same as self-prescribing, and neither the author nor RAM ADVANTAGE assumes responsibility. *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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