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Can Supplements Increase Productivity?

by RAM Advantage

Can Supplements Increase Productivity?

Productivity is Key

We live during an incredible time. We’ve watched paper and pen evolve into tablets with touch screens. We’ve gone from no internet, to slow internet, to home broadband. Flip phones to smartphones, letters to email, diesel to autonomous emission-free vehicles, and brick-mortars to Amazon with instant delivery and personal assistants. Examine any industry or paradigm and the theme remains the same, productivity is key.

We spend the first 20 years of our life, learning how to be productive citizens, and the next 50 years producing. In a recent broadcast of Freakonomics radio, they discussed their research, when asking people what they most wanted to improve in their lives, productivity outpaced all other answers at a rate of 3:1.[i] If you can be 10 percent faster at getting something done, then you’ve got 10 percent of your time to focus on another task or activity. Now, multiply that time saved across a year, decade, lifetime or a company’s entire workforce! Time is our greatest resource and the results are astronomical.

Maximizing Individual Potential

As athletes, competitors and professionals we recognized this, and it became the driving force behind RAM. NEURO Z3, our flagship installment of tools for maximizing individual potential has been nothing short of life changing for many. Currently, at nearly a 90% reorder rate, NEURO Z3 is packed with only the best ingredients designed to target specific neurotransmitters in your brain which may support increased productivity.

Prove It

At RAM, we believe in the facts, things that can be proven. We don’t buy into hype, we spend our time and money on tools that will propel your life forward, nothing less. Numbers don’t lie, so let’s take a look.

Many of our customers take one serving of NEURO Z3, every day. Now, assuming someone spends 12 hours a day mentally active (working, exercising, studying, reading, etc.). Hypothetically, what if while on NEURO Z3 and it enhanced their focus, memory, clarity and motivation which lead to an increase in productivity of just 1%, they would have 7.2 minutes of additional time.

But, let’s unpack this further…

In a week that’s 50.4 minutes of time, over 3.7 hours a month, and close to 2 entire days per year… What could you do with 2 extra days?

Everyday you say ‘no’ to your dreams,
You might be pushing your dreams back a whole six months, a whole year!
 -Eric Thomas, Ph.D.


How about if regular supplementation of NEURO Z3 increased your productivity by 10%? In a week you could have an additional 8.4 hours, over 1.5 days a month, and 18.25 days a year! That’s over half a month! 

Fuel Your Inner Alpha

Your brain is the most complex and powerful organ of any species that has ever existed in the known universe. If you are like us and believe in harnessing your strengths, never settling for the status quo, and are powered by an intrinsic fire that demands greatness from every aspect of your life… then welcome to Team RAM. Come run with the herd and fuel your inner ALPHA


[i] Dubner, Stephen J., and Arwa Gunja. “How to Be More Productive.” Freakonomics,


RAM Advantage
RAM Advantage

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